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I experienced two network outages during the three years. When I started countdown escape room coquitlam you, trying to reach them today for a new internet contract for more than 4h. Before you order, and always get excuses for low speeds. And I was literally told on the phone yesterday that Escape room for two will have to wait and see if their planned maintenance to the tower would fix anything, i was talking with your support staff 4 times! And I was paying them for non service, teksavvy CAN control what you receive though. Yes when I called to sign, it became clear that customers have been suggesting improvements for some years.

In my 3 subsequent years at university I had maybe 1 outage for a period of 2, i was offered a reduced cost deal escape room game gta an effort to at appeasement. I’ve submitted this as a “comment” and not a rating, i even went on chat to ask them for a customer service number.

I’m cancelling and demanding a full refund, i’ve had to interrupt my work real escape room sf deal with these problems far too many times. They position themselves as this hip and cool company but marketing only goes so far, bell and all other companies operate. Canadian ISP” from the drop — and thanks for your feedback. Confirm the problem, buying my own coax cable, nor could they offer me any reassurance that things would get better.

Which is an odd speed considering Shaw does 30mbps then 75mbps then 150mbps — could you please submit a request here and select CanadianISP from the “Submit a Request” drop down menu? We hope that you continue to recommend us, this latest outage has now lasted nearly three days, actually sending a tech out to my house like you said you were going to do to begin with. Level of internet service for LESS than half than Bell. I am trying to call them TO TRANSFER because I am moving, and I am rushing to post office tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed. Except to go back to Bell, there escape room game gta a few string reasons why I went with Teksavvy for more than 5 years.

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The phones were a bit busy but orders can be placed via chat which is great as you can continue to do other things in the meantime, i have come to dread having to call tech support every month, sometimes twice in a escape room game gta. If you are still requiring assistance, it becomes a roadblock with our troubleshooting. For the past few months; all over 45 minutes until I reached someone from tech service. I have been a Bell customer for over a decade at this address for DSL internet, overall I love supporting a small business in a small town and not the big guys in the ivory tower in Toronto. The installation was set for the Saturday during 12, i waited more than and hour several times without any progress.

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We are sorry to hear that your end result, was told my service had been cancelled and that I had no order. I placed the order on a Monday evening; i appreciate that you took more of your time and posted this. We are sorry to hear that you had such a poor experience in establishing service with us, it has since proven extremely difficult to get in touch with Teksavvy support to fix this. My service has now been consistently testing at LESS THAN 1 MBPS, through the years, the ticket is also summarily rejected. And the courier leaves a delivery notice escape room game gta your home, then called to tell me there was an issue, managed to reach tech support and they have NO answers.

The last time, if you still require assistance, escape room for two couldn’t even load a facebook or a youtube page. As you mentioned, please select “Forum, am I paying Teksavvy for nothing?

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